Acidophilus Extra 4


30 capsules

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Lamberts® Acidophilus Extra 4 is a top selling acidophilus product containing 4 billion bacteria per capsule (at the time of manufacture). The two species of bacteria in this product have been used in over 200 clinical studies and to ensure maximum potency we store this product in refrigerated conditions until despatch. We also include a desiccant lining in every pot since moisture is known to be a main factor to spoiling viability. The bacteria in Acidophilus Extra 4 are freeze dried with an acid stable polysaccharide which surrounds the bacteria helping to protect them from the highly acidic conditions they encounter in the stomach. Lamberts® Acidophilus Extra 4 can be used by people on antibiotics those travelling overseas the elderly and those on sugar/yeast free diets. Lamberts® Acidophilus Extra 4: One of the UK’s most recommended live bacteria products Contains two strains that have been used in clinical studies Supplied in special packaging to maintain potency.

Daily intake: 2 capsules.


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